A platform for capturing, annotating and sharing card-based ideation workshops!

1. Use ideation cards

Use printed ideation cards from one of the decks available here. Set up an ideation workshop and use the cards on a table, flipchart, or wall.

2. Turn your ideas into a “Card Map”

Take a photo of the table or wall you’ve put the cards on, upload it, and match the cards to the database.

3. Share your “Card Map”

Make your Card Map public: share the link to take away the outcome of the workshop, and add your Card Map to the database to share your insights with other ideation card users.

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Blue Room Hack Day

Card deck to help ideation

Image for Cards I've googled

Cards I've googled

From http://playingcards.wikidot.com/bicycle

Image for A hand of sixes

A hand of sixes

From el.wikipedia.org

Image for Cards on a table

Cards on a table

From en.wikipedia.org

Image for Playing cards demo card map

Playing cards demo card map

This is a photo of a 52-card deck taken from Wikipedia

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Image for Playing cards demo deck

Playing cards demo deck

This is a standard 52-card deck